Chinese New Year Lantern Festival

Celebrate the year of the dog at our Lantern Festival which marks the final day of traditional Chinese New Year celebrations.

We will take you on a journey of China through a 6 course banquet of Chinese cuisine, dancing lions, drums, symbols crackers & music.



Easter Weekend Trading Hours


Friday 14th April – GOOD FRIDAYCLOSED (course & clubhouse)
Saturday 15th April – EASTER SATURDAY – OPEN
Sunday 16th April – EASTER SUNDAY – OPEN
Monday 17th April – EASTER MONDAY – OPEN

A 15% Surcharge will apply to all food and beverage items on these days.

Volunteer Members Help to Improve Course!

A keen group of volunteer members were out on the course Tuesday morning, 12th July. With support from the Course Maintenance Staff, significant progress was made in cleaning out the drain & cutting back long grass on the left side of 3rd fairway. The rough on the 1st & 2nd holes was also thoroughly cleaned of fallen branches & other detritus. We hope that all members see the benefit of this work the next time you have a game.

If you have a couple of hours to spare on Tuesday mornings @ 7.30am come on down & lend a hand!

Thank you to all this morning who contributed!

New Timesheet System – Live

Please click the following link to access our new members timesheet system.


This new ‘MiClub’ Online timesheet system is in use by over 225 clubs in Australia including Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island, Royal Queensland, Southport and Indooroopilly.


You will be prompted to login, your username is your Arundel Hills Country Club member number(last 4 digits) and your new password is now your birth day and month (e.g. “0705” for 7 May).

Once logged in navigate to the Timesheets area by clicking on ‘Bookings’ which will appear under ‘Members Area’ on the main menu.

Please be aware that the 1st Online Timesheet with the new system will be for Wednesday 17th of October 2012. This timesheet will open for bookings on Tuesday 2nd October at 7pm with normal bookings rules applying.

Timesheets exist for every day, please be sure to book, to avoid disappointment. Any course closures and or syllabus changes will be updated on the website. Timesheets for online bookings close at 10pm the night prior of the timesheet, from then on any cancellations must be made through the Pro Shop.

Timesheet changeover period:

  • Timesheets prior to the 16th October 2012 inclusive will be available as the current system.
  • Timesheets from 17th October 2012 onwards will be on the new system.



Please contact the office ASAP via Phone: 07 5573 9400.